Installation Coordinator/Installation Manager
Job Type
Full Time
October 7, 2022 12:29PM
Toronto, Ontario
This would be a permanent position. The pay range depends on experience and will be determined by our Service/Installation Manager. The range to start usually falls in the $55-70k salary range with the opportunity for overtime. Based on the resume I would expect this candidate to be at the higher end of this range. Health benefits are available after 90 days.



  • Onsite management of an installation coordination team Coordinators responsible for all aspects of branch communication, resource scheduling and cutover support
  • Assist with the development, and review of deployment processes
  • Manage scheduling of team resources
  • Build and distribute user friendly field communications via a stringent process
  • Review of project database to ensure quality
  • Assure 100% client satisfaction
  • Generate regular reports on status of project tasks, managing milestones and completed implementations
  • Review work in a team setting, sharing information and assisting others
  • Host all required project meetings
  • Ensure team has successful cutovers through effective planning, testing and validation

Skills and Requirements:

Experience on commercial construction projects, with knowledge of commercial-grade doors, frames and hardware (often falls to carpentry/millwork trades)

We want someone who can perform site inspections, liaise with our subcontracted installation teams and the general contractors we work for as well as communicate information effectively with our Project Managers

Interested applicant please apply online. If you have any questions, you may reach out to Lensa Simesso Denga, Employer Liaison at

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